Canada Day Contest Calling for Submissions

Canada Day Contest Call for Submissions
Really great storytelling isn’t always about crafting a brand-new tale. Sometimes, it’s about retelling truly worthwhile stories to keep them alive.
On Canada Day, there’s perhaps a no better way to celebrate and honour our beautiful country, whether in person, in spirit, or words than by sharing stories about your country, it’s gratitude and loves its feeling.
Because of the COVID 19, We won’t be able to get together as a Canadian family, many of us will be staying home and celebrating a virtual Canada Day through social media, or TV, Facebook, face time.
But Asia Metro Weekly want to share your feelings, with all the Canadian brother and sisters. So, we want you to write down your emotions and your hometowns if you are an immigrant, your experience in Canada. Keep it short and sample-250 to 350 words, we will select three best stories will be awarded 1st place $50, 2nd place $25 and 3rd place $20
But we will publish most of them in July every week. Editor

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