Let’s appreciate mothers working the front line on Mother’s Day

Surjit Singh Flora

Many celebrations in life are important, but mothers play possibly the most important role in making the world a better place. Mothers embrace the world they inherit unquestioningly, and their ability to nurture their children in the best way is unmatched. Even in the middle of things, the mother’s watchful eyes will not let her children wander. Even in hunger and illness, the mother’s presence turns into a smile of hope.

Therefore, on this Mother’s Day, we celebrate around the globe mothers, as well as motherhood, maternity ties and the influence of each mother. Not only should we honour those mothers who sacrificed their lives for us, but also for the key roles they played in our countries.

On May 10, we celebrate and commemorate mothers. On this day, most mothers will be immersed in the glory of love and gifts of future generations. Mother’s Day has received more attention and hype than Father’s Day, simply because mothers have indeed undertaken most of the difficult tasks of parenting. In general, most mothers are kind people, reflecting unconditional love and sacrifice.

While commemorating Mother’s Day in the world (a day to commemorate the important role of mothers), we hope to pause for a moment and express our deep thoughts to Canadian mothers who have paid a lot to shape the destiny of our great country.

There’s no better time to remind your loving mother how much you love and appreciate her. But due to COVID-19, we are doing our best to keep our social distance and save our seniors who are threatened in their long-term care centres. So, this year we have to connect with a phone call or facetime and show mothers how much we love them and care about them.

Yes, despite the great suffering of many mothers’ struggles, they had to endure abuse, loneliness and tragedy of losing their husbands and sons. We thank our mothers for diligently providing maternal love and care for the nurturing of the baby and instilling in them the correct habits and disciplines essential to life.

We pay tribute to the mother who adopted the orphan who did not have the privilege of a mother in life and provides gentle guidance that is vital to the growth of the child.

Also, we want to appreciate the mothers who, due to COVID-19, are working day and night as doctors and nurses, in grocery stores, as police officers, all leaving their own kids home to save others.

We want to appreciate RCMP Const. Heidi Stevenson, mother of two ,  who was killed during a mass shooting in Nova Scotia on April 19, and also those other mothers killed by the same shooter.

Most of these mothers do this away from the public limelight without seeking to be recognized and without asking for anything in return.

Also, we want to appreciate the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan and those mothers who sacrificed their lives for our country Canada.

To the mothers who have had to raise their children single-handedly without the help of a husband, we salute them.

We also recognize the mothers that have to sacrifice a great deal to balance between motherhood and their careers to make ends meet.

All mothers are special. Today, let’s take a moment to celebrate them at anywhere, home or work .

In fact, as Mother Teresa once said: “Go home and love your family. Nothing makes a nation happy, just like the productivity of its people and the certainty that future generations will be defined by a great ethos.”

So, stay home, keep the social distance.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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