“Miracle on Main Street” will be held in Brampton on December 11 at Gage Park

By: Surjit Singh Flora

The Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation teamed up with the Brampton City, Peel Police and Peel Fire Departments to launch the program, “Miracle on Main Street” in Brampton from 6pm to 9pm on Wednesday out at the Gage park to bring joy to underprivileged kids and families this Christmas.

The 11th event took place in downtown Milton on Monday, December 9 by the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation, and  there will be a first in Brampton On Friday, December 11, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Peel Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah, Tiger Jeet Singh and Tiger Ali Singh  announced at a joint press conference that there will be a large group of kids on December 11 from 6 pm to 9 pm. Toys Will be distributed.

Speaking on the occasion, Tiger Jit Singh said that children are the form of God and God is one, which is why I love people of all religions, their pain I cannot see at this time he became very emotional he took a deep breath and said that for Christmas we try not to reach every kid never want to see any kid without the toy this Christmas it smiles on every kid’s face. At the same time, Tiger Ali Singh, speaking, said that it was not for me, my father, nor Brampton, nor anyone else, if the institutions that the TJSF had created were created to help the poor and needy people. Help us so that none of the child on this Christmas left without toys.

While these toys will enable thousands of children to participate in the program, the Tiger Foundation will also transport these toys to various children’s hospitals. Speaking on occasion, Mayor Patrick Brown said that Tiger Jeet Singh is a great man, who is not just for the poor, but for every needy person at every moment. Similarly, Peel Police Chief Nishan said that while I was in Halton, I had an excellent opportunity to meet Tiger Jeet Singh and to work with him, through his charity in Brampton, which deals with Peel’s children. Showing love and closeness, he is admirable. We will work hard in the coming days to make this meritorious program successful.

TJSF is a Milton-based charity launched under the auspices of philanthropy. Tiger Jeet Singh and his son Tiger Ali Singh. For the past ten years, TJSF has been operating its “Miracle on Main Street” program in Milton, Ontario. Which has helped millions of people through donations and sponsorship for children and families in need. Which has now been brought to Brampton as well. This year it will be the first TJSAA event in Brampton. Which will open on December 11 on Main Street outside City Hall. While all have been urged by the City, Peel Police, Peel Fire Department, and Tiger Jeet Singh to reach out and help.

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