MP Sahota: Laying the Foundation for National Pharmacare

ON – Ms. Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for Brampton North is proud to confirm that our Federal Liberal Government is laying the foundation for National Pharmacare with the announcement of the final amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations. This is the most significant reforms to the regulations since their introduction in 1987, these amendments will give the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) the tools to protect Canadians from excessive prices and make patented medicines more affordable.

Millions of Canadians, including thousands in Brampton, rely on prescription drugs to stay healthy, manage chronic conditions and cure disease—yet they pay some of the highest prices in the world. Last year, more than a million Canadians had to give up essentials like food and heat to afford the medications they need. That’s why the Government of Canada is delivering on its commitment to lower drug prices for all Canadians.
Firstly, these amendments will change the “basket” of countries we compare ourselves to when setting drug prices, so that prices here are judged against countries that actually look like Canada in terms of population, economy and approach to health care. Secondly, these changes will provide the PMPRB with the actual market price of medicines in Canada—rather than inflated list or “sticker” price—to more accurately assess whether a price is reasonable when setting a price ceiling. Finally, they will let the PMPRB consider whether the price of a drug actually reflects the value it has for patients.

This suite of measures, which the Government is implementing to lay the groundwork for National Pharmacare, is the foundation of a system that enables all Canadians to get and afford the medicines they need.
“As I speak to residents in Brampton, in particular our aging seniors, I understand the important role our Government plays in taking tangible steps towards implementing a National Pharmacare program.,” said MP Sahota. “This is a biggest step forward in lowering drug prices and ensuring the affordability and accessibility of prescription drugs for all Canadians. This is also the next step as our Federal Liberal Government lays the foundation for National Pharmacare.”

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