Paid sick day bill voted down in Queen’s Park

Down in Queen’s Park As medical professionals in Peel urge the province to reopen the region in the “Grey Level” of its reopening framework, a bill that would give workers the opportunity to have paid sick leave was voted down at Queen’s Park Wednesday.

The bill, titled “Stay Home If You Are Sick Act,” would have given workers in the province both pandemic-related (14 paid) and permanent (seven paid) sick days, and was championed by local politicians and Peel’s medical Doctor of Health, Dr. Lawrence Loh. “Paid sick days are an important public health measure in our fight against COVID-19 — particularly in Peel Region’s essential workplaces,” said Brampton North NDP MPP Kevin Yarde.

“Peel’s local leaders recognize that, and it’s disappointing that the Ford government doesn’t.” All of Peel’s MPPs in Mississauga and Brampton voted against the motion. Earlier this week, Premier Doug Ford spoke out against the motion, stating that it was a “waste of taxpayers’ money” that is already covered by the federal Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit program — though the latter program extends up to $900 to support workers who receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis

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