PM Trudeau admits all of his scandals and is resigning today

This morning, PM Trudeau released a message through his Communications Director announcing he will be tendering his resignation as Prime minister of Canada at a press conference to be held later today.

With recent polls indicating his support of just 30 percent of voters, whereas the Conservatives are at 40 percent. Trudeau’s personal approval rating is 40 percent, which is lower than that of Donald Trump in the United States.

It would appear PM Trudeau is stepping aside to allow another member of the party an opportunity to rebuild the Federal liberal brand while there is still time to recover before the next federal election.
Yes, I have done some pretty good things as Prime Minister. But also, I have done some things horribly wrong, and because we should always hold our politicians accountable, But I did worst things as Prime Minister.

“Yes, I admit that my administration was plagued by scandal including SNC-Lavalin affair. Yes, I can say it’s the biggest political scandal of my administration.

“The affair centres around allegations that my former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, was improperly pressured by some of my closest advisers to prevent the prosecution of a large Canadian engineering firm over accusations of fraud and bribery.

“Yes, I admit that recently released taper by Jody Wilson proves that, Butts and Wernick and myself all three of us lied, and Jody Wilson stands with it’s her principal.

“Yes, I admit that too that more than $215,000 for a vacation to the Bahamas, paid by Canadian taxpayers.

“Also speaking of environmental gaffs, Trans Mountain Pipeline. I was showing my true colours, because while forward-thinking and environmentalism in theory, on paper I was a money-oriented kind of guy.

“Also, I admit that too I promised to abolish by law, but instead altered it slightly. The new rule is that a guy can’t have sex for a year with another man if they want to give blood. Yup, I was still pretty backwards and unrealistic.

“It’s also true that during the 2015 campaign, I warned that a Liberal government would initially run modest deficits but would balance the books by 2019. But my promise went out the window Tuesday with a budget that projects of 2019-20 deficit of $19.8 billion

“Yes, I promised a more transparent government, but what I did the opposite, as I made vital information more difficult to obtain than before.

“Lastly, I admit that too Most of my scandals and controversies were insignificant, forgettable, or easily spun—like when I accepted a helicopter ride from the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims, which violated parliamentary ethics rules. But this affair Canadians won’t be so easily smoothed over and they got angry over this.”

In this morning’s terse press release, PM Trudeau comment was, “I recognize that my lack of leadership scandals and numerous failures have done real and lasting damage to our country Canada.

“And I betrayed their trust. It is time for me to accept responsibility for my mismanagement, and the scandals, and all the lies about JWD so I’ll step aside and make room for a new leader who can try and salvage our beautiful fortunes.

“I wish Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh all the best in this new responsibility.”

Happy April 1st! ■

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