Protests continue as farmers lead campaign in India

Opposition to the new agricultural laws enacted by the Farmers Central Government of India continues on all sides, with protestors holding events in Brampton earlier this month to make their views known.

Local participants in Brampton, Toronto and the surrounding areas have been taking to the streets to protest the treatment of farmers in India from the local government, which has enacted laws that some farmers say is damaging their livelihoods.

 Demonstrators have been protesting for the past seven weeks at Steeles Avenue in Brampton and at the intersection of Hurontario, a densely populated area of Punjabis, and close to Sheridan College in Brampton, as well as the Rose Theatre on Queen Street and Highway 10.

Protests are also being staged by people belonging to farming coalitions and groups near the area, and tea langar is also being distributed to the protesters.

The protesters chanted slogans against the antifarmer laws of the Government of India and in favour of the farmers’ movement.

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