Summertime Madness at CNE

It might be tempting to do the “I’m not listening,” fingers-in-ears dance upon seeing

this headline.

Hey, we sympathize — we don’t want summer to be over, either. We’re not done taking

half-days on Friday, spending long weekends in the sun, and eating every possible meal

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While we still have a good 20 days until Labour Day to indulge in these kinds of

activities, your favorite stores are already plotting for the next big shopping season:

back to school.

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But before the shopping, one of the largest fairs in North America. the Canadian

National Exhibition, opens  from Aug. 16 – Sep. 2, providing 18 days of fun for


A wide variety of entertainment & events, concerts & celebrity chef demonstrations,

midway rides and games, a working farm, animals, parades & sports, international food

& shopping, Kids’ World, and a 3-day Air Show!

shopping done at Exhibition Place, which will have plenty of vendors on-hand.

Flora Family

While enjoying the full entertainment at the CNE, you might even get half of your

Whether or not you’re actually returning to school, there’s no denying that the lazy pace

of summer ramps up come September, while the temperature simultaneously shimmies

down, making the act of shopping for a new laptop, warm comforter, or cozy sweater

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something of a necessity.

Luckily, retailers know this, and they’re softening the blow somewhat with a plethora of

back-to-school sales — which we naturally had to round up for you here.

So, if you take a break from tanning, hiking, or grilling in the next few days, take a

moment to see what’s marked down in the world of fall goods. Your September self will

thank you.

For kids going back to school, it’s that time to make sure your to-do lists are completed.

What all do the kiddos need for class again? Probably a planner, pens, mechanical

pencils and highlighters. They will need backpacks for school, and what about insulated

lunch bags? We have trendy backpacks for stylists, backpacks with wheels for those on

the go and toddler backpacks for your littlest ones. There are even tween backpacks and

backpacks, red backpacks, yellow backpacks and pink school backpacks.

clearance backpacks. Are the kiddos loving a specific color right now? There are purple

Fill their backpack of choice with Five Star notebooks, Crayola markers, gel pens and

maybe some notepads if they’re more their style. Have a little artist? Stock up on

drawing pencils, crayons and white paper.

While all the fun and vacation time is great, as parents, we understand our mild

vexation at keeping close tabs until when they are back at school, for with a household

full of kids to entertain and keep occupied, we feel like I am channeling the 24/7 hour

band on a cruise ship. Never stopping, and always ready to tango!

Also, “summers” get easier when children are a bit older.

Now there are delightful adventures to be had where we can have fun too, rather than

stress about the amount of packing and planning we would have to do. Teenagers

always find ways of entertaining themselves and the younger ones have each other to

get up to mischief with.

Another reality is that when we have small children who will get cranky and miserable

if left to just run wild throughout the day without any intention, things are going to get

very ugly, very fast. Do not forget the usual schedule that we have, wake up on time and

stick to proper bedtimes. We can obviously be a little flexible but still have a general

framework of how the day goes. Too much free time can also be a bad thing!

Everybody loves a good summer. But it’s up to us to make it happen!

Don’t panic and stress thinking the kids are home, for you are then succumbing to the

Summertime madness.

Instead, plan, organize or just go with the flow on some days, and those beautiful family

memories will be had.

We only have a good 18 to 20 summers with our children before they fly off on their

adventures, so make each one a summer to remember!

Happy (rest of the) Holidays and have fun at the CNE!

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