The Qualities of a Good Politician in a Democratic Society embodied in Hardeep Grewal

BY: Surjit Singh Flora
A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. Self-belief and hard work earn big success, without hard work nothing grows but weeds. And without hard work and discipline, it is difficult to be a top professional.
Hardeep Grewal meets all the requisite qualities to become a good representative of the people. He is a hard-working, humble young man who will help make for a respectful and responsible, positive and honest candidate for Brampton South. One whom we can vote for on April 6th for the PC party nomination, and then on Oct 22nd to elect him to become our humble voice in Ottawa.
From the last 3-4 years, he has invested time and energy to bring the people together in unity, as a huge team. During these 3-4 years, he only went home to sleep for four-five hours a night and gave up all the rest of his personal time to get more work done for the Bramptonians community of Brampton South. Imagine, he practically lived on your doorstep and worked his tail off to be your representative in Parliament House in Ottawa.
Knowledge of the community’s problems is a key magic ingredient to success. He also comes from a respected family: his father Jagdish Grewal is well-known and widely respected in the community and, further, is very well aware of not only the issues facing the Indian community but also those facing all Canadians. So, with his guidance, Hardeep has the magic ingredients of success. He will be a great captain of the ship, for Brampton South, because he knows which way to sail.
Also, Hardeep knows how to spend every year, every month and every minute of his precious time to save taxpayers’ money. But perhaps most importantly, this highly educated, hardworking young man knows when to let other people steer the ship — and when to grab the wheel, to get things done. He recognizes how to get things done at the right time, the right place.
So, he will be a great voice of Canadians from Brampton South.
The nomination election for Brampton South Federal Conservative Riding is scheduled to be held Saturday, April 6. This nomination selection will be at the Canadian Convention Center on Bram Steele Rd, Brampton, near the Gurdwara Sikh Lehar, Brampton.
Hardeep Singh Grewal is the main nominee in this nomination selection.
Hardeep Grewal has been a real estate broker since the last 6 years. In this profession, he has established big fame at a young age with multi-million-dollar deals. Along with professional success, he is very interested in charity activities. He has a very happy family life. Hardeep Grewal has been attending since childhood such renowned institutions as Guru Gobind Singh Children Foundation and Canadian South Asian Supporting Independent.
Because his father is in the media, he has been lucky to meet most of the leaders from the federal, provincial and municipal levels since childhood. This has helped him build a great network. Hardeep, who has good relations with every religious community, has been influencing Conservative Party policies since the beginning and has been supporting the policies by joining this party.
Hardeep held down the position of president of the Etobicoke Provincial Conservation Review Association at the age of 18 and has been responsible for this post until 2019. This is the backyard of Premier Doug Ford.
From March 2016 to November 2018, Hardeep has also been the regional director of the provincial conservative fundraising team. During his career, Hardeep Grewal has had the opportunity to work and meet with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minister Jason Kenney, Premier Doug Ford, and other senior leaders.
The closing deadline for membership for the Brampton South Federal Conservative Riding ended on March 14. During this initial test, Hardeep Grewal and his team motivated people in large numbers to become members of the Conservative Party. He expressed gratitude for the hard work done by his entire team and appealed to Conservative members to nominate him April 6th as the Brampton South candidate; and then to be our MP, our voice in Ottawa, on Oct 22nd. Because he deserves our votes — not just because he’s hardworking but also because of his knowledge and talent, his great network, his deep awareness of our problems, his understanding of issues, and above all his ability to get things done, for our wider communities.

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