Valentine’s Day Let’s make “Honouring our Loved Ones”

By: Surjit Singh Flora

Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Let’s make “Honouring our Loved Ones” this year’s theme. A significant relationship is created between two people who have grown up in different cultures, unaware of each other’s views, with a marriage ceremony at a beautiful age of life, as a couple, husband, and wife.

A relationship needs trust, communication, humility, and gratitude. If any of these things are lacking in a relationship, that will throw it off-balance, and such usually end in disaster or regret. Apologising, expressing gratitude, saying hello, smiling and asking, “How’s your day?” are more beneficial for the speaker than the receiver. It is a free blessing to us when we do it.

And when we show anger and condemnation, the same holds true: It’s far more a curse on the one expressing it than the receiver.

A relationship’s quality can be advanced or damaged depending upon how one “sets the stage” for it with our words and deeds. Losing such basic courtesies as “please” and “thank you” creates a crude and rude atmosphere that lowers the sense of being loved, respected and appreciated.

Dear one

In many countries, the wife still has to take care of the house and raise the children, while the husband can still earn money to run the house and work outside.

And in many countries, both wife and husband work to run the house and take care of the family.

In this society, everyone needs a friend, a near and dear one, who can understand you even if you don’t say anything. There is no better friend than your spouse.

Strengthening the economy is essential to a prosperous home. In addition to your other responsibilities, you have a job to enhance the economy and bring happiness to the house, all without a hitch. Never expect your spouse to thank you for doing so much for the family.

Appreciate each other for the sacrifices you make for your family. Showing your spouse appreciation for the little things and all of the big things they do for you and your family makes them not only feel appreciated and beloved but a very special person indeed.

If a man massages his wife’s head when she is sick, he does not become a slave. If a woman is engaged in cleaning and her husband makes tea for her, that is not slavery. If a woman is making dinner, her husband does not become a slave if he helps the children with their bath. When a man returns from work and brings something for his wife, that does not make him a slave.

Remember, life is yours, your loved one are yours and you have a responsibility to keep them happy and healthy; so, do they. Married life will become hell if we follow old-fashioned retrogressive thinking. Ignore such people as gossips and cooperate with your loved one.

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love but, thanks to you, sweet loving and caring wife or husband, every day should be a Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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